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This is a very new and exciting addition to our Galaxy Fountain line-up! First off, it's back-painted like our usual Galaxy Fountains...with two important additions. On our Stained Galaxy Series, we use generous amounts of a special paint that utterly duplicates the brilliance and luminosity of old-fashioned stained glass, but without the inherent problems that would exist using stained glass with water. Second, if you look closely at the front of this new fountain, you'll see the addition of...texture! The "caning" on the front (the lines that separate stained glass panels) is a polymer...instead of lead, and to quote someone famous, that's a GOOD thing. That's why you don't see a lot of stained glass fountains.....until now. Lead and water...not so hot. Our fountains have the beauty of stained glass but without the lead...or the cost. Lots and lots of possibilities here!

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Size: 28" tall by 48" tall

With LED backlighting and a copy of our book, A Passion for Metal.

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