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Here's our newest fountain that's attempting to peer deep into the universe.  It's genesis is a gentleman by the name of Steve who contacted us with a challenge.  He liked our creation series but because of his background wanted something more...realistic than impressionistic.  He sent us some photos of Orion and...well...we told him we'd do our best.  I think we're on to something...  You can watch this section for more and deeper glimpses into this wonderful universe we're living in.  And when I hear ole Mr. Hawking saying that there are an infinite number of universes......infinite number of universes...think of it.  It's mind boggling.  And I thought we were all so important.

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Size: 28" wide by 48" tall by 6" deep

With LED backlighting (highly recommended for this one) and a signed copy of our NEWEST book, A Universe of Metal Sculpture!

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