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Tip for Beginners: How to Make Twenty Rings in Twenty Seconds
Well, maybe ten rings in thirty or forty seconds. And preparing to do this is going to involve going down to the hardware store and buying some short lengths of steel pipe, eight or ten-inches will do, and you should buy as many diameters of pipe as diameters of rings you desire. Pipe is cheap. Splurge! Drag them all home and then drill an eighth-inch hole a couple of inches from the end. You’ve just made your self a ring-making tool.
To be really extra safe, put on a pair of safety goggles, because in theory, if the wire you stick in the hole slips out of your hand, it could theoretically swing around and hit you in the head. It’s a long shot, but I’m trying to take care of you here. Just do it, okay?

Stick the end of a welding or brazing rod into the hole, grip the pipe firmly and begin wrapping the wire tightly around the pipe. Bingo! You will find that because of the springiness of the metal, the final rings will be slightly larger than the diameter of the pipe.

Now…you can make bicycle wheels, eyes, wire-rimmed glasses, springs… The wire ring is a basic and necessary component to metal sculpting.

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