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We are industry-partner members of ASID and have been working closely with designers and architects for the past 30 years.

Here are a few of our clients

bullet Johnson and Johnson
bullet March of Dimes
bullet Korman Corporation
bullet McNeil Pharmaceutical
bullet Playtex
bullet Marriott Hotels
bullet Skil Tools
bullet BMW
bullet Mercedes Benz
bullet Kensington Shirts
bullet Mayflower
bullet Ortho
bullet Merck
bullet Schiffer Publishing

To give you an idea of the scope of our work, here are some samples:

Here's an exciting new project we've been working on for the Marriott Hotel in Charlotte NC.

Sketch for a custom copper and stained glass fountain

Sketch for a musical wall abstract

A custom wall hanging for a private home. In this case, the client needed bronze and copper metallics to match his decor. The center portion was custom-cast to meet his symbolic requirements.

A custom fountain for a private estate. It has four spouts, terrific sound, and I understand it has become a sanctuary for wildlife.

This was created for a tool-making company in Pennsylvania. It is constructed of Cor-Ten steel which quickly oxidizes to color and then the process stops. If you look closely, you'll see that the piece is four-sided and identical from any angle

This fountain was created for a medical complex in Virginia. Look closely and you will see that the center portion was designed so that there would be a diagonal line of "rain" in the middle of the fountain. There are also spouts in the irises below. Terrific looking and terrific sounding!

We originally created the Tin Man for a hospital in Tucson. Since then, "Tinny" has become a mascot at our galleries, greeting customers and little kids who wander up. They talk to him...It's nice. (He's also our shill, in that he brings customers in by the droves....a consideration for small businesses). Tinny is 6' 6".

Parenthesis...Why that name? We've actually got an answer. Viewed from the front it really is a parenthesis, capping an inner square.'s also a parent thesis...two parents on either side of a small cubist "child". Parenthesis was created for Korman Corporation. It's 8 feet tall and 10 feet wide and constructed of Cor-Ten steel.

Not all of our commissions are large and corporate. About half of our custom orders come from designers working with a single family. This is such a commission, a small iris fountain, containing two spouts.

Triumvirate. This piece was commissioned from a sketch made for the client. They had exacting parameters for the castings, and there is a stained glass panel in the middle. The clients were jubilant!

The Man in the Moon is an excellent example of one of our Modular Sculptures. This one is in three sections with a cast moon as an accent.

And here are some projects we are currently working on:

bullet A full-sized time machine for Timex Corp.
bullet A wall fountain in stained acrylic and copper for Marriott Hotels
bullet A full-scale saxophone player for a Hard Rock Café type restaurant
bullet A custom iris fountain for St. Mary's Medical Clinic
bullet A traditional scene of Bucks County Barns for a dental lobby.

This spring, Schiffer Publishing is coming out with, A Passion for Metal, the first in a series of books about our work and our sculpture. It will be distributed worldwide.

Enough about us. What can we do for you?

Over the years, clients have become more sophisticated. They often know what they want. The problem is...sometimes it doesn't exist. Now, that's a problem and that is exactly where Harvey Galleries can help.

Whether it's a big job, like a full-length fountain for a medical complex, or a floral for the living room of one of your private customers, we always try to do our very best to delight your customer.

We work from blueprints as well as sketches on paper napkins. We also work from swatches of material, paint chips, photos, pillows, tiles...just about everything.

The thing that makes it all work is the device you are peering into at this very moment. The computer. When you sign-on with us, we enter into an email relationship, sending digital photos when necessary, conferring with you when your client changes his mind or adds something you hadn't anticipated. In short, we'll hold your hand electronically, until your client is delighted. We're only a phone call or an email away.

We hope you'll bookmark our web site so that we may help you when your customer comes in wanting a full-size time machine or a sculpture of his sailboat or....

Henry Harvey

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