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How To Order

We really appreciate your interest in ordering our works of art to brighten your surroundings. We want to make it as easy as possible to place your order, and there are several ways to do it.

Credit Card Orders

This is the quickest (and easiest) way to receive your order. We use PayPal to safely, securely process your order. Note: You will not have to open a PayPal account in order to use PayPal for your credit card order.

1. To order each sculpture or fountain, just click the Add to Cart button in the detailed description page:

This will add the item to your Shopping Cart and will show you all the items you've ordered. You can either check out or continue shopping and adding additional sculptures to the cart.

2. When you're ready to Check Out and process your order, just click the View Cart button at the top of each Gallery Category page. This will display your Shopping Cart (and you can change quantities or remove items on this page).

3. When you're satisfied that your order is complete, just click the Checkout button on the "View Cart" checkout page, and follow the instructions to complete the process.

Check or Money Order If you prefer to send your order by mail, we'll be happy to accept your check or money order. If you choose this method, please be sure to include the complete details for your ordered item(s): Title, size, catalog # and price. Also, if you want the item customized, please add a detailed description of the modifications you'd like to see.

And don't forget to include your complete name, address, telephone number and email address (if you have one).

Please make your check or money order payable to:

Harvey Gallery
221 Church Road
Lansdale, PA 19446

And if you have any questions, please telephone us at 215-362-5308 or send us an email at

FAX or email

You can use the Form provided in Comment & Order Form to send us word on what you want to order by email or FAX. The order form does not include blocks for credit card information since our credit card processing is done using secure PayPal processing (above).

And if you have any questions, please telephone us at 215-362-5308 or send us an email at

Returns Policy

CUSTOM ORDERSAbout 30% of our business is custom orders and we take pride in going that extra mile to make your sculpture specialized just for you.  And as it's custom designed just for you, we request a 33% to 50% non-refundable deposit depending on the nature of the changes, to commence work.  After you place your order, we'll work closely with you through e-mails and if appropriate, telephonically. Once it's complete, we can send you a digital photo or photos, if appropriate, to assure that you'll be satisfied before we pack and ship the item. This is your opportunity to make any final changes or tweaks.  On custom items, to protect you, and us as well, we will not ship until you have approved the photo of your piece.  After your approval we request the balance.  As soon as we receive it we ship immediately.

Please remember that you are ordering original artwork from an actual artist. Each piece is created the at a time. As such, there will be differences from piece to piece, the occasional fingerprint, a difference in brush strokes... That is what you are paying for...not something that comes in a blister-pak. Imagine having an original Picasso, with Picasso's fingerprint on it!!

Candidly, 99% of our customers understand that what they are purchasing is original art. The other 1% are the ones who concern us. If you're looking for a machine-like copy of one of our pieces, please don't order!! Having said that, years from now, you'll be happier knowing that your purchase was original and as such will appreciate in value.

If you do feel the need to return an item, you have ten days from your receiving it to do so. The customer is responsible for return shipping. These sculptures are order... the old-fashioned  As such, there is a returns fee of 25% for standard items and 50% for custom sculptures as well as labor-intensive sculptures over $2000.00 that have been pre-approved by digital images that have been okayed and are then shipped in good faith. Should you opt to return an item, you will be responsible for the cost of any damages done to the piece in shipping back ...These pieces are one of a kind and take time to make. If you want to change something, let us know at the time we send you your digital preview.

Should a piece arrive damaged, we will be happy to replace the piece or anything that is broken, at no charge to you. We need to know within seven days of receiving the piece, if it has been damaged in shipping

In ordering a sculpture from us, you and Harvey Galleries are agreeing to the balanced protections for both parties named above.


And if you have any questions, please telephone us at 215-362-5308 or send us an email at



Fountain Installation Instructions

Fountain Installation Instructions (PDF)


If you have any further questions, please email us at:, or if you need to talk to us personally, please call us at 215-794-5578 Mon-Friday 10-5 EST.










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