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The Crew

Pamela received her teaching certificate from Briarcliff College, where she graduated magna cum laude. She received her masters at the University of Arizona. Pamela was a classically trained ballet dancer with Harkness Ballet in New York and created the first ballet school in Japan for the Air Force. Pamela is a sculptor as well as a proofing editor for Henry's writing. She is also an accomplished fiber artist and has been written up in a number of magazines, including, Studios which featured her.  Pamela is a gourmet cook and Adubon birder. 



Cameron Harvey

Cameron graduated magna cum laude from the University of Pittsburgh. Cameron is married and has a son, named Gryffin. Cameron teaches fencing in Bucks County and he is also a certified SCUBA diver. Cameron is an accomplished sculptor and is currently into composing avant garde classical music. He has spearheaded our gallery's transformation into bronze casting.  Most recently, Cameron has become a cartoonist for New Yorker Magazine. The New Yorker is probably the most prestigious and most difficult magazine to get a cartoon published in.  Good Show, Cam!!!




Henry Harvey

Henry graduated from Franklin and Marshall College where he majored in philosophy. Henry was accepted pre-law at Columbia, and then...because of the Vietnam lottery (unlucky #17), he instead flew jet fighters in the US Air Force. Henry was also launch officer for the Titan II missiles in Tucson, Arizona, as well as TEMPEST officer (electronic debugging) in the Pacific Theater.

Schiffer Publishing came out with A Passion for Metal, chronicling Henry's life as a sculptor and recently with a second book, A Universe of Metal Sculpture, chonicling Henry's major abstracts and outdoor installations. 

Henry has invented/patented many devices outside the world of sculpting, including Omega Shock, a new approach to bicycle suspensions, Dragon Chess, a variation of regular chess, Dragon Teeth, an improved wall hanger, Aardvark, an improved snow shovel, and a new board game called You're a Genius.

Henry has written several novels, has won an award for his screenplay of Potter's Mill, and has published a number of short stories. His novel, Playing on the Black Keys has recently been reoptioned for a movie in Hollywood.

37 Cents a Fart...and Other Infamous Animal Stories, his latest book, will be available in April of 2012.  It is a grown-up book about animals...warts and all.  Here is a short VIDEO  of it


Gigi Lilypad

Gigi likes to roll rocks around, lick them, and collect them in little piles...which makes mowing the yard an eternally exciting prospect She also is the only one in the crew who joins us in the hot tub. Gigi protects the perimeter of CrossBow...all ten acres and is the light of our lives.

Moose and Scooter

Moose and Scooter are a little larger than this photo shows. Scooter, the one on the left will hump anything that moves, and if it doesn't move, he'll hump it anyway. ...No one knows why. Moose lives for dog biscuits. He's up to eight in the morning and that's before breakfast. They are Oogie and Gigi's wild children!





Oogie carries our paper half a mile in from the mailbox every morning, then hides it in the hedgerow. It's strange for us now to see a newspaper without teethmarks, drool, and briars sticking in it. ...Wouldn't trade him for a million bucks!"



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