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If you've been reading our blurbs...(that's what we call these little verbal gems of idiocy), you know that we're somewhat irreverent and have a droll sense of humor. The first "arrow" we tried out on this piece was too small...and Pamela was making nasty jokes. The second...way too scary. It looked like Sentinel was aiming at the Cessnas flying by. All joking aside, when we put this one out in our forest two days ago, it became an instant favorite. There's something about the colors in real time when you're looking at it that makes it extremely ethereal. Yup, that's the right word. Hard to explain, but this one gives you the feeling he's really one of the good guys...protecting the farm, particularly when the sunlight hits him.

Catalog Number: HG-ODS-S
Size: 6 feet high, 4 feet wide and 3 feet deep
Comes with a signed, first-edition copy of our new book, A Universe of Metal Sculpture and A Passion for Metal.

Home --> Sculpture Store --> Outdoor Sculpture: Video below --> Sentinel
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