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Diana is the flagship of our midrange fountains. She is simply gorgeous, there's no other word for her. She is what we put out in front of our studio. She sounds terrific!.. somewhere between a spring rain and a mountain stream.  Did we tell you that we like Diana? If you like water, falling water, and irises and lily pads, you've hit nirvana. What's nicer, we designed her right, from ground up. Virtually maintenance free, and as easy to install as planting a small rosebush. Most of the installation time is filling up the basin. But then you plug her in's heaven.

Catalog Number: HG01
Size: 63in by 36in by 12in deep
Diana Fountain
with an autographed copy of our book, A Passion for Metal

Home --> Sculpture Store --> Copper Fountains --> Diana Fountain
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