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Notice how all our fountains have girls' names? Athena is Diana's little sister (No, don't run to your Bullfinch's Mythology.) We're talking fountains now and pound for pound, nothing has a better sound. Athena has every wonderful aspect that Diana has. She's just smaller. Dig a little hole, and if you like, plant her. Or.. just plant some shrubs around her. The birds will come to drink..maybe even your cat, but that's okay..they're safe. And except perhaps for the purchase of a puppy, I can't think of a better emotional return for your investment.

Catalog Number: HG16
Size: 24in in diameter, 26in high
Athena Fountain
with an autographed copy of our book, A Passion for Metal

Home --> Sculpture Store --> Copper Fountains --> Athena Fountain
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