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Mobiles are delightful, but ephemeral things. They're beautiful to watch...always changing, never the same from one second to the next. And the delicate balance that allows all those shapes to comingle and swirl without actually touching each other is mesmerizing. Even though I created the one you see, my wife and I still pause on our walks and watch it embarassingly long period of time. The same thing that makes them charming, however, makes them a bugger to photograph. This shot was taken upon installation in a tall oak tree.

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Size: It's really hard determining how big a mobile is. It's always changing. This one is approx. 24 feet tall and encompasses a volume about 20 feet wide. And...we make them smaller and taller, and wider.
Because of their nature, having so many possibilities for size, color, density, subject matter, it's difficult to give a hard-and-fast idea of what they cost. The one pictured is BIG

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