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You remember Captain Nemo and his lethal and infamous Nautilus. As a little kid, I thought it was so cool that Nemo could ram the bad guys, until I realized that Nemo was supposed to be the bad guy. I was pretty young at the time...and the Nautilus was what left the biggest impression. Later, I attempted making my own one-man submarine and then my own underwater diving bell, and then later still I created some bronze abstract sculptural submarines. Strangely, this sculpture seemed to paint itself. I had little idea what it was supposed to be...until the end. What's difficult to see in this smallish image is that when you look past the abstract, there's a complete underwater scene behind it. And I finally understood that what the sculpture was, Captain Nemo's stained glass window in the Nautilus. Hope you like it!

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Size: 28" wide by 48" tall
Comes with LED lighting and a signed copy of our book, A Passion for Metal

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