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Way back when, when dinosaurs walked the was the 70s I believe, a young sculptor stationed in Tokyo Japan created an abstract woman-tree entitled Mother Earth from molten droplets of welding rod. I liked it, but the Japanese people really liked it. Loosely translated, they seemed to really like the large size of her ass, though I'm sure it was said more politely. Scroll ahead 30+ years. My son comes to me with a sketch he's just made.  I say, "Hey it's Mother Earth!" and he says,  "Huh?  Actually, I'm calling it Eternal Spring.  The nut doesn't fall too terribly far from the tree.  More importantly, however, this is a delightful cross-pollination of fantasy and impressionism. 

It is also available with myriad grounds, plain white, for a graphic look, autumnal, twilight, early spring.  Let your imagination run wild!

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Size: 48" tall by 27" wide

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