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When I was growing up, our American Flag was not a lightning rod or third rail to be touched or mentioned at your peril. It was the flag of our country, something to be respected, saluted, and that was about it.

In the 60s, things changed...a LOT. My dad had flown in WWII and during the Vietnam War I flew as well. retrospect, Vietnam was a mess. Even while flying in the Air Force, I had an American Flag on my to a peace sign. I think it's still allowed to believe in both. And now...everything is really mixed up and sometimes nasty. This fountain is NOT meant to be a hot topic. Rather, it is meant to hearken back to a time when things were simpler. Life was simpler, and America was simpler. No protesting required. It's still a great country!

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Size: 48" tall by 27.5" wide

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