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Like a bunch of our fountains and sculptures, this one has a story behind it.  We were right in the middle of writing chapters for my book, A Universe of Metal Sculpture, when a really cool couple called me up and asked to come out to CrossBow to talk about commissioning a fountain.  They wanted something geometric and...really different.  We chatted.  I told them about the book and that, if we made their fountain cool and different enough, we just might feature it.  They were game and away we went!

If you order this fountain, you might consider ordering the book, too.  It's well-discussed, but more importantly it's a really cool, slightly Rube Golberg type of fountain.  It looks great from any angle and goes indoors or out.


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Size: 34" ON A SIDE, 42" TALL

Home --> Sculpture Store --> Copper Fountains --> geometric fountain
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