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Ahhh...  Little picture but a BIG story.  In fact, there is an entire chapter devoted to what you're looking at in my newest book, A Universe of Metal Sculpture, by Schiffer Publishing.  

Long story short, like a lot of people there came a time when our kitchen began  Oh, the cabinets worked fine and were structurally sound, but they'd gotten tired and boring.  We made the rounds of every place that did kitchen cabinets in our area.  

When we recovered from the sticker-shock of a whole lot of money for not very much new and different, Pamela said, "Gee...the heat patinas you create on your copper sculptures are...really amazing.  Do you think we might be able to......?"  We had a cup of coffee, discussed exactly what kind of patina coloration and hammering Pamela wanted and I disappeared into the studio.  

If I do say so myself, this is the most inviting color and material I can conceive of for a kitchen.  It's copper and so highly appropriate, but the rich warm colors of heated copper are amazing.  We had a party...didn't mention a word to our friends what we'd done and the whole evening was spent in and around the kitchen...and answering questions.  If you want something SPECTACULAR...  And we have a whole bunch of close-up shots that tell the story. E-mail us with a photo of YOUR kitchen and we can show you via Photoshop what it would look like.

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Size: Every cupboard door and kick plate is patinaed copper

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