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To let you in on a little secret, this photo is not only the only one of its kind,it was also lost for twenty years.  The thing is, when I created it, I wasn't as far along in my career, and...way back when we didn't think about taking photos of much of anything.  We were just happy as hell that people liked my art.  Very recently, I was sorting through photos in an old carboard box, and this fell out.  It was in the worst shape of any photo I've ever seen.  A mouse had nibbled off the bottom quarter, looked like someone had taken a belt sander to the photo.  Just really bad.  Several hours of intense PhotoShop surgery, just so you could see it.  It's the first time machine, very simple, very...funky, but even in its simplicity it has a little attitude.  Later on, the machines got swoopier and more lethal looking, but...this one is still my favorite!

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Size: 6 feet long

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